Psychopaths And Sociopaths Run Your World

Updated 09/18/2013 at 2:20 pm



Top globalist Sir David Attenborough, who last year described humans as a ‘plague on Earth’, has now gone on record in calling for nations of the world to stop sending food aid to starving nations in order to reduce the population of the world.

Speaking with the Daily Telegraph, the highly decorated psychopath expanded upon his notion that the plague of humanity must be reduced throughout the world. Reduction that, according to him, really starts with starving poorer nations that have been decimated by first world global powers (and could be fed with about a week or so of military spending). The problem, Attenborough says, however, comes down to numerous “huge sensitivities” that continue to block the goal of massive population reduction.

And what are these ‘huge sensitivities’?

Well, it turns out that the ‘sensitivities’ blocking the decimation of the world’s human population include ‘the right to have children’. How truly horrible. Instead, it seems Attenborough thinks that we should revoke the right of citizens to even have children, let alone feed the existing humans in hungry nations. In the interview, Attenborough states:


“We say, get the United Nations to send them bags of flour. That’s barmy.”

Now perhaps the most alarming thing to note here is that this psychopath who justifies his genocide with faulty reasoning is considered a ‘national treasure’ in Britain. Better yet, Attenborough also has 31 honorary degrees from British universities, which is more than any other person. This is in addition to his numerous ‘royal’ titles.

Truly, Attenborough’s comments being met with mainstream media attention in a positive light shows just how far gone the mega media is. Ultimately, there is a war on our right to not only have a family and basic necessities, but life itself. If Attenborough wants to reduce the population and starve entire nations into death, then why does he not offer up his own life first?


Scary ideas   !!!

Hope to make clear what kind of person David Attenborough is in my opinion…. and it’s not just mine:


4 gedachtes over “Psychopaths And Sociopaths Run Your World

  1. Both Barbara Marx Hubbard ( widely known new ager ) and Barack Obamas speeches are laced with new age and double speak. There is a new age agenda and it will be carried out and fulfilled even more when the New World Order is finalized. This video was created to show and compare ( almost a conversation ) between the two speakers.


    Barbara Marx Hubbard: July 1984 Democratic National Convention

    Barack Obama: – “A World That Stands As One” Tiergarten, Berlin July 24 2008 – Presidential Inauguration, January 20 2009

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  2. Barbara, who also appeared on Show # 77, is a world renowned futurist, speaker, citizen diplomat, social architect, and prophetic politician. She has led a life of perseverance and commitment to a single purpose: to understand, communicate, and encourage evolutionary potential of humanity. She is a major voice in the growing “campaign for a positive future.” Barbara offers all of us a supportive foundation to place our hope. Buckminster Fuller considered her “the best informed human” on the concept of futurism.

    Barbara is a founding board member of The World Future Society and the co-founder of the Center for Conscious Evolution which serves as a point of communication and orientation. She is the author of numerous revelatory books, such as, “The Evolutionary Journey, A Personal Guide to A Positive Future”, “The Revelation” and “Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential.” Barbara will be discussing her new book, ” Emergence, The Shift from Ego to Essence.” Barbara serves on the Board of Advisors of The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation.

    Sarah, who also appeared on Show #55 with Ronna Herman and Show # 63 with Charlo Stuart, is an angelic transmitter, visionary, powerful healer, mystic poet, and teacher. She emanates a Holy Gift of Celestial Mystical Singing. She has performed in Cathedrals in Italy to Churches and Synagogues in the United States to healing conferences, spanning the entire globe, including the Sea of Galilee, Mt. Shasta, Hawaii, and the White House Ellipse. Through her profoundly deep angelic presence, Sarah is at once eternal youth and ancient wisdom.

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