4 gedachtes over “BEST DOCUMENTARY EXPOSING 9/11

  1. If I see this very good documented documentary as “overseas oursider”,
    Than for me it’s obvious that the US citizens are the victims of their own government.

    And it’s not because only this documentary. But the many documentaries, plus my own undeceived mind. And I am not the only one.

    In my opinion the terrorist, who caused this were able to deceive the public by all actions of a terrorists. Here I’ll mention the information about terrorist actions of our own government on their own website:


    …”Tackling terrorism is aimed at identifying radicalization among young people . Also penalized justice terrorists heavier than other criminals .

    criminality terrorism

    Terrorism is a criminal offense . The legislation on terrorism is governed by the Crimes of Terrorism Act . This law allows the recruitment for jihad ( holy war ) and conspiracy with the aim of committing separate offense . Serious terrorist crime In addition, the financing of terrorism punishable separately . Are also the maximum prison sentences for crimes such as homicide , aggravated assault , kidnapping or hijacking , higher if they are committed. With a terrorist intent

    Tackling terrorism

    Netherlands uses in the fight against terrorism is a broad approach . Not only the violence itself be addressed , but also the process that precedes these acts . Someone who wants to commit terrorist acts , grows there. Tackling terrorism is aimed at identifying radicalization among young people . Deans and youth workers learn to recognize this behavior and to report to law enforcement. Radicalization

    1 organization responsible for combating terrorism

    In the Netherlands there is one organization responsible for tackling terrorism . This is the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security ( NCTV – . This organization works nationally and internationally with police , government, critical infrastructure ( eg water and energy companies ) and companies in the field of terrorism . The NCTV also ensures the security of persons ( such as politicians ) and objects ( such as the U.S. Embassy in The Hague) .

    Terrorism Threat Levels

    In the Netherlands, four threat levels: minimal, limited , substantial and critical . A threat level indicates how likely it is that an attack occurs. The NCTV bases the current threat level on the image of our country and terrorists on secret information security . Can affect the level of threat . Dutch participation in peace missions or maatschapepijk debate on Islam

    Counterterrorism Alert System

    The Counterterrorism Alert System warns government, vital sectors (eg banks , and energy and water companies ) and business at an elevated terrorist threat . That way they can take prompt action to reduce the risk of an attack or limit its consequences . The system is aimed at professionals who may face a terrorist threat .


    Deceiving the public is also one of the activities of terrorists:

    And if you see, what the consequenses are, then you can imagine what kind of influence this has on social life and families: “Deelname aan terroristische organisatie leidt tot verlies Nederlanderschap” – Nieuwsbericht | 30-08-2013:

    But they learned,
    Postbus 51 is out the air and another tone appeared:
    and I’m happy with that.
    In the meantime those who are solidair with the designers of the biggest lie in history will never be able to reverse the consequenses and in stead of that they are misusing them, which will cause the destruction of not only some buildings, but earth and human race. For the last they have already other plans ( Transhumanism)
    And I suspect that all what happened around 9/11 is serving this evil plan.( worth another blog)


    Below the Terrorist organizations worldwide

    Well among them “the of course the cause of all evil”

    Al Qa’ida
    Al Qa’ida in Iraq (AQ-I)
    Al Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)
    Al Qa’ida op het Arabisch Schiereiland (AQAS)

    If you see how close this all is to Syria. No wonder that any war equipment is safely far hidden, any other country is doing that, or outsoursing to other countries huuu? – that’s worth another blog)

  2. Why could the people of the world so easily being deceived? Just like the Bohemian Grove rituals plus the mind and HAARP fascilities allover the world are very essential for our worldleaders to control the mass, so 9/11 was:

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