Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20131118: Cabal is in surrender negotiations; told to hand over $700 trillion or $10,000 for each human

     Posted by Benjamin Fulford – November 19, 2013
Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20131118: Cabal is in surrender
negotiations; told to hand over $700 trillion or $10,000 for each

By Benjamin Fulford

Representatives of a committee of 15 individuals, who claim to be in
charge of the system for creating and distributing US dollars and most
other privately owned central bank currencies, are trying to arrange a
peace agreement for the cabal. They agreed last week, in negotiations
with a White Dragon Society representative, to initially make
available $700 trillion, or $10,000 for each man, woman and child on
the planet earth to be delivered in the form of goods and services.
They also agreed to debt forgiveness for all nations including, they
say, some debts that date back to the 1700’s. They also agreed to
forgive most individual debts.

The committee claims to be headed by two Asian men, each over 90 years
old, and representatives of five Asian families, seven European
families and one Russian family.

There was also a meeting last week between representatives of Asian
banking clans and the WDS. These clans claimed the rights to most of
the world’s gold. They were also agreeable to the proposal to
distribute $700 trillion to the people and nations of the world.

However, there are still some powerful factions still clinging to the
Zionist nightmare of starting Armageddon, notably the Cohen crime
family in New York and an Italian P2 Lodge member by the name of
Giuseppe Di Antonio, according to a high ranking P2 official. Di
Antonio is the man behind recent threats to kill Pope Francis, he
said. This group has a highly organized faction inside Mossad and also
sits atop the New York and Los Angeles based media conglomerates, he
noted. Their main financial instrument is Leumi Bank, he added. They
also run various Pentecostal Christian cults, he said. A
representative of the families mentioned above confirmed the existence
of this group and said they would need help in dealing with them.

It is true that that New York is a highly gangster contaminated city
and that is proven by the fact that mass murderers like the loathsome
monster toad Henry Kissinger and Larry “pull it,” Silverstein are
still strutting around like peacocks. It may be necessary to send in
the militia from Minnesota to New York to start arresting these
criminals and parading them in hand-cuffs in front of corporate media
cameras so that all can see it is no longer business as usual for
these scum. If the Minnesotans need help, doubtless Canadian armed
forces can be made available upon invitation.

The Californians also need to round up members of the Cohen gang in
Los Angeles and can be sure of Latino help in doing so.

If this does not take place, it will be proof for the people of the
world that the once sovereign Christian Republic of the United States
of America has become a slave state run by Satan worshipping
Babylonian (not Jewish) gangsters.

The French, for their part, also helped the WDS last week by
delivering paper documents revealing the exact coordinates of all the
Google, NSA, Facebook etc. computing centers in the United States. The
unspoken threat in the delivery of this information is that these data
centers can be taken out with intercontinental ballistic missiles.
Preparations have also been made by the Europeans to cut off all
intercontinental communications cables on the Atlantic seabed, if
necessary. This is a response to NSA hacking of European financial and
other computer networks. It is also a clear indication of how isolated
the rogue US regime is.

Speaking about rogue US regime, we have a new name to add to the list
of known participants in the March 11, 2011 nuclear and tsunami mass
murder attack on Japan: General Richard Meyers, according to an agency
source. General Meyers was made Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
of the Pentagon immediately after the 911 mass murder.

If the American people do not start rounding up criminals like General
Meyers and putting them in jail, the international financial noose
being put around that country will continue to get tighter. Judging
from the various news reports, the so-called Obama care health
insurance scheme, for example, appears to be just an effort by the
corporate government in Washington D.C. to steal some insurance money
in order to keep itself from going under for a few more weeks.

The pentagon faction that claims to be using Obama as their
representative needs to move in on New York and start arresting the
Wall Street criminals ASAP if they want to save themselves.

In any case, while the clean-up of the last pockets of cabal
resistance continues, proposals are being put on the table on how to
distribute the promised $700 trillion.

The WDS has proposed that the following existing organizations and
groups would be qualified to distribute the $700 trillion in a
non-corrupt, non-inflationary way:

The Chinese government including representatives from Taiwan, The
Roman Catholic Church and the governments of South and Central
America, The Japanese government and ASEAN, The Commonwealth of
Nations (provided an Indian is put in charge), France and Francophone
Africa, The Republic of the United States and the government of
Canada, Northern Europe plus Russia and the Islamic world.

This is just an initial proposal based on the fact that these
organizational structures already exist and have proven themselves to
be relatively corruption free. Of course the Islamic nations will have
to sort out their various historical disputes and select a single
representative before funding will go in their direction.

This WDS proposal is only limited to the existing US dollar system and
does not exclude new government issued currencies, grass roots
currencies like Bitcoin or any plans by other independent groups. The
proposal merely reflects the fact that these pre-existing groups could
be able to carry out big projects almost immediately as soon as the
money starts to flow.

We do not make any predictions on how soon this will start to happen
but we can confirm that serious players have been meeting and that a
general agreement exists now to start a massive campaign to “save the




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