Remarkable adaptations allow polar bears to live in the frozen Arctic, but global warming is destroying their habitat and leaving them seriously endangered. Despite being born deaf and blind beneath the snow, cubs eventually grow into the most powerful of all four-legged animals.

Using their incredible sense of smell to track their prey, adult polar bears spend most of their lives alone, wandering over the vast tracts of frozen ice in search of blubber-rich prey such as seals, walruses and even whales. They are also remarkably good swimmers and have been spotted over 60 miles from shore.


What is unfolding right now is the Global Currency Reset, the RV, Ascension, the take down of the Cabal, environmental relief, cell awakening, new birth, new choices, new change, prosperity for all, disclosure, new government, and the return of unconditional love.

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

What is unfolding right now is the Global Currency Reset, the RV, Ascension, the take down of the Cabal, environmental relief, cell awakening, new birth, new choices, new change, prosperity for all, disclosure, new government, and the return of unconditional love.

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PressTV 3-25-14…”BRICS rejects sanctions against Russia over Ukraine”

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brics_group_photo_1 This one caught my eye for one reason. What I read here makes it sound like we have a group of five more level-headed and balanced group of leaders still maintaining their balanced perspective about the world situation. Then we have the G7 (formerly G8, but they kicked out Russia , didn’t you know?), who seem to be behaving more like a group of 3-4 year old spoiled brats who aren’t getting their way anymore, and so they “throw Russia out of their sandbox” (I used to have a sandbox, and I know that’s a big deal!).

““The escalation of hostile language, sanctions and counter-sanctions, and force does not contribute to a sustainable and peaceful solution, according to international law…

“BRICS countries agreed that the challenges that exist within the regions of the BRICS countries must be addressed within the fold of the United Nations in a calm and level-headed…

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Part 21-Pleiadian Alaje- HEALING THE SOCIETY -English Sub

You, Me & The Universe

Published on Dec. 29,  2013

This film was produced by ALAJE THE PLEIADIAN in four months
with the energetic support of spiritual humans and light-beings from other planets and dimensions, many earthly efforts and costs and loving supporting friends, 
to help earth humans to develop an awareness of universal Love.
May it reach many people and open their heart for love and friendliness —- 
ALAJE from the light dimensions of the Pleiades,
(Spiritual Videos since 2006)
The meaning of Life is to have Love in your Heart and develop the consciousness****
Love is the solution for everything****
Love is the key****

Activate your Love in your Heart and send it daily to planet Earth. 
Use my Meditations from parts 4, 6, 10 and 18 of my Videos.

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Scientists use laser-powered mind control to make flies flirt

 Source:  Neurons treated with a heat-activated protein were activated with infrared lasers to trigger courtship behaviour JAMES VINCENT  Monday 03 March 2014 Neuroscientists have successfully controlled a fly’s behaviour with thermogenetics – a new technique that uses lasers to remotely activate brain neurons. Using the ­whimsically named Fly Mind-Altering Device (also known as FlyMAD), researchers […]

Benjamin Fulford 3-25-14… “Talks on creating peaceful world village proceeding smoothly despite ongoing cabal threats”

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benjamin_fulford_smile_smirk38 My highlights from this are below. This is the first time I recall mentioning the name “Cobra resistance”.

“…the Chinese, the gnostic illuminati, the British, the Europeans, the Military Industrial Complex and others have been in touch with the White Dragon Society to outline where they have drawn lines in the sand.

“…the Israeli government has ordered all of its embassies shut down…

“a representative of a group calling itself “Cobra resistance,” met with the WDS in Tokyo to negotiate an alliance between Europe and Asia.”

I will post the full article in 3 days.*


Talks on creating peaceful world village proceeding smoothly despite ongoing cabal threats

There has been hectic activity both on and below the surface this past week as negotiations on how to upgrade the worlds’ economic and political structures enter the final stretch. Under the surface, the Chinese, the gnostic illuminati, the British, the Europeans…

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Djinn And Black Magic

Uploaded on 27 Jul 2011

Third and final part of a very interesting lecture on the origins of sihr (black magic), and the Djinni in the time of Prophet Sulayman (pbuh) through an interpretation of the Koran and the hadith (sayings).
Imam Anwar Al Awlaki speaker.



Lucia Vega Jimenez Investigation CBSA and Genesis Security to have indictable charges laid

Published on March 17, 2014

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Buen Vivir! Are We Losing Our Freedom to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Ecuador is making living well a national policy linked to freedom and social responsibility.

Source :

Submitted by:John Perkins

Posted:Mar 05, 2014 – 09:00 AM EST


By John Perkins

The corporatocracy is striking out against our personal freedoms and squandering the trust we have placed in our leaders with our votes and our dollars. That their decisions aren’t made with the good of all of us in mind is evidenced by the abuse of government agencies such as the NSA and corporations like Google, whose hand seems to reach into everything from our personal email to our health records.

These large organizations and their lobbyists are writing our laws, buying Congress, and damaging the world while pursuing profits and power.

Personal Freedom Is More Than PersonalAnd About More Than Freedom

When we think of personal freedom, our first idea is often about ourselves. This is not the vision of my friend Freddy Elhers, Minister of the newly formed cabinet position in Ecuador known as Buen Vivir (literally Good Living).

Freddy’s closing talk on the opening day of the Human Resources Summit in Istanbul for 2,000 corporate executives from all over the world was the “bookend” for my opening keynote in the morning. In his beautifully inspiring speech, he talked about how Ecuador is the first country to have a Ministry of Buen Vivir, a ministry that guides all the other Ecuador-love-lifebranches of government.

He emphasized the importance of living in happiness and love and that Ecuador is committed to that. In fact, the recently revised Ecuadorian Constitution reads:

“We … hereby decide to build a new form of public coexistence, in diversity and in harmony with nature, to achieve the good way of living.”

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

This concept is incredibly inspiring as a way of governing both small and large entities, as well as our individual lives. Our actions impact others everyday, and so it is our responsibility to use our freedom for the benefit of others and the planet. Our personal freedom comes with great responsibility to honor all life with our choices.

This is especially true for corporations and governments, and yet, that is where we experience the greatest betrayals. In the model offered by Ecuador and a growing number of other Latin American countries, the people view themselves as a collective and their personal freedom as a responsibility to care about each other and to understand that the ecosystem and the entire planet is their “nest,” their home.

Recognizing Our Choices

Held up against that framework, it should be easier to recognize choices that will result in the good of our people, and separate them from decisions that will only pad the pockets of the greedy and powerful. When the corporatocracy bombards us with sound bites about how to run our lives and at the same time exploits the precious resources of our planet and us, it is tempting to become lethargic. But that just plays into the hands of those who health-well-being-lexicologywish to control us.

True freedom is personal and powerful; the question to answer is about how we use that freedom to impact those around us, including the corporatocracy. Corporations and government should exist only to serve a public interest; it is our duty – We the People – to insist that they do so and to only support the ones that comply. If we use our freedom this way, we will also be using our power to create change across the world.

Freddy Elhers likes to point out that “the pursuit of happiness” is embedded in the most sacred document of the United Sates. We the People can get back to those unalienable rights that our founders fought so hard to insure: “that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” We will be well advised to make those our guiding principles for how we vote, shop, and conduct our lives.

Let’s be inspired by Ecuador.

We’re all living on this tiny, fragile space station. It’s time to collectively choose Buen Vivir and to make this the time to get back our freedoms – in fact to attain more freedom than humankind has ever before experienced, the freedom to enjoy true prosperity, good living.