4-16-14 – Dr. Hildy® and Robby Besner – PART 2 – THERASAGE: FAR INFRARED – “Heal with Heat” – Naturally

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~ NEW SLIDE SHOW ~ ~ UNDERSTANDING FAR INFRARED ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OneCellOneLightRadio with Dr. Hildy Wednesday, April 16, 2014 1:00-3:00PM Pacific (2-4pm Mountain; 3-5pm Central,4-6pm Eastern) CLICK Here to Listen to the full two-hour show on BlogTalk: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/onecellonelightradio/2014/04/16/4-16-14–dr-hildy-and-robby-besner-part-2–therasage-far-infrared ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ THERASAGE About Us  SHOP – NATURAL SUN TECHNOLOGY…

Montague Keen Message 4-13-14… “Love is your greatest weapon”

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“As Rome is the center of the corruption, you must concentrate on cutting off its energy supply. NEVER, EVER, USE FORCE OF ANY SORT, as this would be counter-productive. Force is not necessary. The power of your minds is all that is needed. I would never advocate force.

“Every day of this month of April is important. You will have noted that certain dates were chosen by the different religions because they were believed to be especially powerful. So on those dates, I advise you to put your heart and soul into your meditations in order to counteract the negative energy produced by the various religions… They [the cabal] are floundering, running to the Vatican to seek protection; while the Vatican itself is reeling from all that has been exposed concerning their exploits in the…

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Woman says she knew Obama in high school as a homosexual druggie foreign student

Fellowship of the Minds

Mia Marie Pope

Mia Marie Pope knew Obama at their Punahou high school in Honolulu, Hawaii, during the late 1970s. She knew him then by the name of Barry Soetoro.

In this interview on October 31, 2013, with Reverend and Dr. James David Manning, the pastor of Atlah World Missionary in Harlem, New York, Pope says Barry “always portrayed himself as a foreign student” and “very much was within the gay community.” It was “common knowledge” that Barry “wasn’t interested in girls” but “was strictly into men.”

“One of his attributes even then,” as he is now, was that Barry “was a pathological liar even then” of the “self-aggrandizing” sort. He would lie about the most mundane things.

Barry also exploited people, bumming cigarettes off others, then drop them as soon as he got what he wanted.

Barry also bragged about smoking the expensive powder form of cocaine. “He would get with older white guys. That’s how he procured the cocaine…

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Petitions to Save Panther Habitat

Everglades Earth First!

#5  Lynch05 crop Spoonbill Stop Oil Drilling and Oppose Powerlines in the Everglades

Signing petitions fails when it is the extent of the opposition. But they can still be safe and inclusive tools to spread knowledge on pending infrastructure projects.  By logging dissent into public records, organized opposition is recorded.  If the time comes for direct action we will have once again exhausted the legal means for dissent and demonstrated the failings of the system again on this particular issue, setting the stage for extralegal action.

Our friends at the Center for Biological Diversity have two different petitions regarding fights here in Florida. The first regards Florida Power and Light’s (FPL) proposal to build high-voltage power lines through Everglades National Park from the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant. Read more and send your message to the National Park Service here.

The second petition regards the proposed Class II (oil drilling waste only) Injection Well…

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Seminole – The Unconquered (How the west was lost)

The Crimes Of Premeditated Genocides

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The Seminole Tribe once part of the Muscogee Creek Confederacy (part of a huge Civilization of the Mississippian Culture 700 AD – 1600 AD) escaped warfare caused by invaders of the British and French during the 16 hundreds, and later by the American Government. The People now known as “Seminole’ escaped by moving to Florida joining the surviving Natives of other destroyed Chiefdoms of ancient Florida.

They lived peacefully and took in escaped African Slaves. The language spoken by the Seminole Indians is known as Muskogee. They typically farmed the lands, hunted and fished the abundant waters off the coast of Florida. They began to manufacture guns and tools influenced by Europeans and exchanged goods with European traders…They lived in log homes and chickees gathered around trading centers and court yards.

Unfortunately, things took a turn around 1732, when settlers started heading southward into Florida…

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What makes the wilderness, you know wild?

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Hand fern colony
3 Reasons to Stop Building Roads in Wilderness Areas

by Beth Buczynski March 31, 2014 4:00 pm

What makes the wilderness, you know wild? Is it the ratio of resident wildlife to humans? Proliferation of flora? A lack of indoor plumbing? According to top international scientists, one of the biggest differences between wilderness and civilization is the existence of roads. And if we really want to protect our wild places, and the important ecosystems they contain, we’ll stop making it so easy for humans to travel there.

In late March 2014, a group of prominent European scientists chose to celebrate the 2nd International Day of Forests by urging the world to keep wild areas free of roads. “Scientific reports and satellite imagery have demonstrated road building is a major driver of deforestation from the Amazon to Indonesian and Congo Basin forests,” stated MEP Kriton Arsenis, founder of the RoadFree initiative…

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