PSEC-BA – 07-09-2013 – Max Igan – Jane Burgermeister talks with Max Igan


Published on Feb 21, 2014

Paradigm Shift – An Educational Comedy
BACKUP ARCHIVE: aodscarecrow & thecrowhouse
aka Maxwell Igan
Archive Date: 07-109-2013
Backed up using youtube-dl under Ubuntu Linux

Keywords: max, maxwell igan, aodscarecrow, thecrowhouse, illuminati, trance formation, false flags, spirituality, awakening, calling, paradigm shift an educational comedy, katerina edwards, jay larson, time warrior, dave kelso, type 1 radio, bbsers, xpresitnetwork, pondscape, legalmusicsearch

PSEC aka Paradigm Shift – An Educational Comedy can be found on the following Social Media Sites:


KEYWORD TAGS: paradigm shift an educational comedy, nwo, new world order, metaphysics, quantum physics, unity, consciousness, psyop, psychology, manipulation, main stream, news, lies, cover up, fda, cfr, cdc, masonic, satanic, freedom, slavery, human farm, vaccines, death, war, globalist elites, humor, horror, youtube channel, independent media, social networks, spread the word, think for yourself, group think, followers, leaders, sheep, sheeple, awakening, politics, fake, puppet presidents, 2012, 2013, 2016, anonymous, chemtrails, geoengineering, weather warfare, ron paul, obama, genocide, crimes, terrorism, predator drones, end the fed, federal reserve scam, equality, human rights, gun bans, 2nd second amendment, 1st first amendment, false flag, 9-11, sandy hook, ufos, aliens, hollow earth, military industrial complex, wake up america, globalization, sustainability, solar, wind, free energy, ancient aliens, forgotten history, ascension, 3d, 4d, 5d, atlantis, lemuria, police brutality, psec, illuminati, cyberculture, technology, bbs, software, hardware, computers, microchip, documentary, documentaries, film, music, movies, boycott riaa, mpaa, planet x, nibiru, disclosure, linux, opensource, pondscape, nature, legal music search, fish, plants, animals, ecology, environment, earth, pilgrim, wtbdwk, secret, esoteric, agenda, kymatics, universe, multiverse, government, mind control, mind programming, nazis, fascism, socialism, democracy, republic, meditation, lightworker, way shower, polarity integration, creative commons license, fringe science



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