Germany: Holy robot writes Torah faster than a human

Published on 11 Jul 2014

Video ID: 20140711-012

M/S Torah-writing robot
C/U Torah-writing robot
M/S Torah-writing robot
M/S Jan Zappe, one of three artists who created the robot talking to visitors
SOT, Jan Zappe, Robotlab (English): “We developed this Torah script. It is a robot usually working in industrial spaces and now brought into the public and doing similar reproductive work like a Jewish Sofer, writing his kosher Torah”
W/S Torah-writing robot
C/U Torah-writing robot
M/S Man film the robot writing
C/U Script
W/S Visitors looking at Torah-writing robot
M/S Torah-writing robot
SOT, Jan Zappe, Robotlab (English): “We have also Rabbi Reuven Yaacobov here. He is a Jewish Sofer who is writing real Torah inside of the exibition and so it is very nice situtation to compare this robotic and sofer’s writings”
W/S Torah-writing robot and video projection of Rabbi Reuven Yaacobov hand-writing Torah¤M/S Visitor taking photos and video projection of hand-writing Torah
C/U Video projection of hand-writing Torah
M/S Sign in German “Jewish Museum”
W/S Jewish Museum in Berlin


A human-sized robot, specially programmed with Hebrew script can be seen writing the Torah manuscript, in Berlin’s Jewish Museum, Friday.

The robot was created by artist group Robotlab and is part of the exhibition “Creation of the World, Illustrated Manuscripts from the Braginsky Collection”, the world’s largest private collection of Hebrew manuscripts.

A video projection of Rabbi Reuven Yaacobov writing the Torah by hand, lies in the same room, comparing the writing the handwritten and robotically written manuscripts.

While a Sofer, someone who hand-writes the Torah, takes one year to finish the manuscript, the robot takes only three months. During this time it can write 304,805 letters in the right to left directions of Hebrew script.

The exhibition is on display until January 2015. During this time, two Torah scrolls will be finished.


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