Why This Sculpture of Jesus as A Homeless Man Caused A Major Stir In A Wealthy Community

If Jesus would knock at your heart these days, Would you recognize him, or at least let him in?

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Davidson, North Carolina is an affluent neighborhood where things tend to stay pretty quiet. Recently, however, one seemingly innocuous sculpture sparked quite the controversy in Davidson.

The sculpture that started it all is called Jesus the Homeless. It depicts jesus as a homeless man wrapped in a blanket, laying on a park bench. The blanket obscures his face and hands, so the only thing that gives him away are the wounds on his feet from the crucifixion.

The wounds which identify the homeless man as Jesus

The reactions were very polarized: some people loved it, but some people hated it too. One woman actually even called the cops the first time she drove by the sculpture, thinking it was a real vagrant laying on the bench.

Others have written letters saying that it, “creeps them out”, and some people believe that it is a disrespectful or even insulting depiction of the Messiah.

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