The Legend of 911 — 13 Years On! The Greatest FRAUD Ever Sold !

Socio-Economics History Blog

  • Published on Aug 31, 2014
    HERE’S A BRIGHT IDEA to try and change things: The next time you have to vote in any kind of parliamentary or congressional election, find out who came SECOND last time, and vote for him or her. It may not change things all that much, but it could stir things up a bit and show the bribe-takers that we’ve got our eyes on them.

    THIS VIDEO is an update of a video I made for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. It did not take a lot of updating, just changing some titles and a few voice-over sections, replacing the number 10 with the number 13, demonstrating that, despite the overwhelming conviction of so many people—experts and sincere researchers alike—that the official 9/11 story was, as we used to say in the Old Country: ‘A load of old toffee’ but the powers-that-be still refuse to…

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