Rise of Artificial Intelligence is Changing Attitudes on Robot Romance

Synthetic Super-Intelligence and the Singularity

Original Article: Tucson.com. Arizona Daily Star. Written by Dominic Basulto Special to The Washington Post, March 19, 2015
Posted here: Saturday, March 21, 2015 @ 1:11 PM

Wes Penre’s Note: I discussed this subject in the Wes Penre Papers quite some time ago. Those who have read them may recall that I discussed having a romantic relationship with a robot as a part of the future “Machine Kingdom” that is planned for humanity, where people eventually will be half human and half robots (i.e. we will become subspecies to the “Gray Aliens,” who are now visiting us from the future in “UFOs” and are abducting humans in order to figure out the “code” in our DNA, so that they, on a future timeline, can become humans again). Also, I have often discussed the danger of teenagers and their limited world of cell phones, which is creating their…

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