Webster Tarpley – The Venetian Conspiracy

Gepubliceerd op 22 jun. 2012
Webster Tarpley on Venice, the mediaeval Venetian Conspiracy, that conquered Amsterdam and Britain; the Byzantine Empire; Martin Luther; the Vatican; 911; NeoCons and homosexual Republicans.

Red Ice Radio, October 15, 2006.

According to Eustace Mullins the Phoenicians were the missing link between the Canaanites and the Venetians. See ‘The Curse of Canaan’: http://www.scribd.com/collections/272…

More Tarpley on the Venetian Conspiracy: http://www.abjpress.com/tarpindx.html
Or download Tarpley’s ‘Against Oligarchy’, which includes his articles on Venice: http://www.scribd.com/search?category…


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