Mark Kimmel with Tolec June 18, 2015

Published on 20 Jun 2015

Mark Kimmel and Tolec discuss –

the various types of beings Mark has communicated with in our Universe including his knowledge of millions of “non-physical’s” [both having “form” & “non-form”] of higher dimensional life; original Earth as a higher dimensional 12D world as the “Jewel of the Universe”, how & why it became a 3D, dense, organic world; the topic of who we are in terms of physical beings as well as literal , truly “spirit” based beings, why we are here at this time in Earth’s history & for what purpose; and what people can do for themselves – if they so choose to – to assist humanity to raise it to a new level of consciousness, where this is all leading and more.

We also discuss exactly what “love” is, in terms of energy, its use, and why – the energy of love is – literally THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE.


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