Feral Boy Found In Canada

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Leave it to Beaver! believe it or not, a feral young boy about ten years old, was found by Wildlife protection in Amos, Eastern Canada, and is now with child protection services. The boy was seen last week in the woods by some hunters, while he seemed to be chewing on a tree, with a group of beavers.
The  boy, who was nearly naked and had long hair, was seen diving underwater with the other beavers when he saw the hunters, who were not able to find him again, despite looking for hours. They reported seeing the boy to wildlife officers,who finally spotted him near Lac Figuery,after almost a week of searching the area. The rangers were able to put  him to sleep with tranquilizer darts.The boy appears to have been raised by beavers, who were being very protective of him during the capture, charging toward wildlife officers and growling…

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