Radiation 5G antennas restricted: uncertainty about danger to public health



The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs is considering national restrictions on the radiation emitted by transmission masts. The roll-out of 5G is expected to result in a proliferation of antennas, including in lampposts and bus shelters. This may pose a risk to public health.

Source: Algemeen Dagblad, Peter Winterman. Translated from Dutch by JRS.

“5G can operate at a higher frequency. That means more capacity, but the range of an antenna is shorter. As a result, many more small transmitters will be needed, which will appear everywhere in the streetscape”

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Economic Affairs

A document from the Ministry of Economic Affairs states that ‘… it is being considered to introduce regulations on electromagnetic fields’. At present there are no nationally established limits for the radiation emitted by transmission masts.

With the roll-out of the new 5G network, we expect to see more antennas on the streetscape in the coming years”, explains a spokesman for the ministry. Now you see the antennas on masts, roofs of flats and other tall buildings. In the future, there will be many more ‘small cells’, such as antennae in lanterns, bus shelters and advertising columns.

According to the spokesman, ‘this also has implications for the emitted radiation’. “We want as much certainty as possible for citizens that the electromagnetic fields of the antennas in the environment do not pose a threat to health, even if there are several antennas in the immediate vicinity.”

At the end of last year, 180 scientists from 36 countries warned of the potential risks of the 5G network, which is still to be built. The radiation density is set to rise sharply, but the consequences for public health are unknown. Scientists claim that some studies show a link between radiation and brain tumours, Alzheimer’s and infertility in men.

‘5G important for the future’

Despite this warning, State Secretary for Economic Affairs Mona Keijzer is firmly planning to roll out a national 5G network in 2020. According to her, 5G is important for the future of -among other things- self-driving cars, drones and high-speed Internet connections on mobile phones.

Currently the municipalities assess whether it is allowed to erect a new transmission mast. As long ago as 1999, a European directive with limits for electromagnetic fields was drawn up, but this was not legally introduced in the Netherlands. “It’s not that radiation is not taken into account now, municipalities pay attention to it, on the basis of a covenant with telecom providers,” says the ministry’s spokesman.

Stricter standards across the border

A comparative study by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) – in January this year – shows that the Netherlands belongs to a small group of countries in Europe that do not yet have nationally set limits for radiation from telephone masts. Most European countries comply with the European directive, but in Flanders, Belgium, for example, the government is much stricter: in the vicinity of schools and nursing homes, the electromagnetic radiation emission power of a telephone mast can only be 7% of the EU standard.

In countries such as Italy, Luxembourg, Poland and Croatia, the standards are also considerably higher than in the Netherlands. The differences are considerable, because scientific research has not yet conclusively established that radiation from transmission masts is harmless to public health.

‘Little known about long-term health effects’

The municipal health service (GGD) in Amsterdam stated that ‘we do not know much about the long-term health effects, such as cancer, of living in an electromagnetic field around mobile phone antennas’. This is because the antennas have only been there for a relatively short time. The strength of these fields is generally so low that health problems are not expected,” says the GGD. Some people are convinced that their health problems are caused by these antennas. They reported to the GGD a wide variety of health complaints such as headaches, fatigue and loss of concentration.

There are currently more than 45,000 mobile telephone antennas in the Netherlands (GSM/2G, UMTS/3G and 4G). This number will increase enormously in the coming years when the new 5G network is rolled out. “5G can work at a higher frequency”, says the ministry’s spokesman. That means more capacity, but the range of an antenna is less. As a result, many more small stations will be needed, which will appear throughout the streetscape.

Childhood leukaemia

For high-voltage cables, stricter rules already apply in the Netherlands, because research has shown that there is probably a connection between the radiation from high-voltage lines and children’s leukaemia. Therefore, no houses or schools can be built close to a high-voltage line.

Darkness as a teacher, Holy Creators on how to transmute the shadow self

Jose Sanchez


When our consciousness finally rises above the mentality of duality many problems or views cease to exist. Our view of life itself changes. We are here to continually grow and change and evolve to be the human gods we were sent to be.

One thing I have noticed among many light workers and new agers is that they try to hide or pretend evil and darkness no longer exist. By denying the existence of darkness or by simply ignoring it we are then pretending that aspect of our creator does not exist.
By doing so we are then perpetuating and prolonging life within the confines of duality. Duality is simply a classroom where we were sent to experience and learn darkness 101.

As a light weaver and love weaver I have had my crossing and experiences with darkness. Many times in a very intimate manner and at times extremely…

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The ARK of Archangel Gabriel | More Powerful Than The ARK of Covenant?

Premiered on 2 Feb 2019

The ARK of Archangel Gabriel | More Powerful Than The ARK of Covenant?

According to Muslim accounts, Gabriel is the one who reveals Prophet Mohhamed the wisdom of the Qur’an and helps him write it down.

In the first chapter. Gabriel speaks of the creation myth where God conceives the first human being using a clot of congealed blood. Further on, Gabriel entrusts Mohammed with an Ark of incommensurable power, comparable only to the Ark of the Covenant, another powerful artifact known to have caused much destruction in both Christian and Hebrew doctrines.

Helping women bear children after a certain age or without having intercourse would all sound like bogus claims, and also the ancient machinery of mass destruction. However, looking at it with present-day knowledge, we can distinguish quite clearly that the information contained within these sacred texts refer, to beings with advanced technology, never seen before by people of those ages.

While the moments of surprise conception can be attributed to in-vitro fertilization or another form of genetic engineering, the destructive ark can be explained as a sophisticated gadget to reinforce the idea of God’s supreme power.

Wouldn’t it be easy for developing nations to ascribe these incredible deeds to a supreme being referred to as the Lord/ the Holy of Holies? When in reality we could be talking about an advanced, pre-flood civilization, with a curious desire to reveal their superior knowledge and power to humans, in a very cryptic manner?

Reinforcing these ideas is a manuscript held by the Russian Orthodox Church titled “Gabriel’s Instructions to Mohammed,” which was secured from the Hagia Sophia Cathedral during the 1204 Constantinople crusade.

This timeworn writing speaks of the instructions offered by Gabriel to Mohammed regarding the ark. The scene took place within the Hira Cave on Mount Jabal un-Nour, in the vicinity of Mecca.

Gabriel tells Mohammed to never abuse the ark’s powers, and to conceal it inside an altar “in the place of angel worship before the creation of man,” and to keep it there until “the Day of Resurrection.”

Correlating recent news where over a hundred people died in Mecca in 2015 due to a mysterious lightning – offensive mechanism ascribed to both the Ark of the Covenant and Gabriel’s Ark, it could be that this deadly machinery has become unstable, therefore hinting at the recent arrival of the apocalypse.

It is now believed that Gabriel’s Ark is in the hands of the Russians who, in late 2015, have taken the device aboard Admiral Vladimisky military ship and escorted it to Antarctica where it remains to this day.

The Ark of Gabriel and that of the Covenant were concealed in remote places so they won’t cause harm and confusion until the time is right to resurface.


Published on 17 Jan 2015

The Most Important UFO Movie Ever Made! In 2014 a mysterious Alien Language was discovered, and this language was being transmitted through home video’s all over the earth. This UFO message was detected in 2013 and deciphered in 2014, and the reality of its message will shake the entire world. Within every frame of any UFO video, an alien conversation is taking place. A brilliantly sophisticated and earth altering dialog between alien beings and mankind is now being broadcast-ed all over our world. This true to life documentary will force every nation and people to confront themselves with the reality of interstellar and other worldly communication. The evidence in this film is unequivocal, and it is a truth you cannot run from, in a day where there will be no place to hide. In 2014 this message was detected and in 2015 we as humanity must decide what do we do, and even more….what will we say in response.. 2014 marks the end of the world as we knew it and opens the door to the new world to come.

Crows : Documentary on The Intelligent World of Crows (Full Documentary)


Published on 29 Jul 2014

Crows : Documentary on The Intelligent World of Crows (Full Documentary). 2014 The documentary you will see here along with the other documentaries on this site relate to important times and people in history, historic places, archaeology, science, conspiracy theories, and education. The topics covered in these video documentaries vary interestingly and cover just about everything including ancient history, Maya, Rome, Greece, The New World, Egypt, planet earth, the solar system, the universe, modern physics, television, archaeology, science, technology, nature, plants, animals, wildlife, environmental concerns and issues, global warming, natural disasters, World wars, combat, battles, military and combat technology, current affairs and events, education, biographies, news and current events, Illuminati, Area 51, crime, mafia, serial killers, paranormal, supernatural, cults, government cover-ups, the law and legal matters, corruption, martial arts, space, aliens, ufos, conspiracy theories, Annunaki, Nibiru, Nephilim, satanic rituals, religion, strange phenomenon, origins of Mankind, monsters, mobsters, time travel, and many other educational and controversial topics. Please Enjoy

Dr. Hildy® Tribute to ………. ROSALIND PETERSON

One Cell One Light®Radio

 Keynote Speaker at the United Nations 60th Annual DPI/NGO Conference on Climate Change (New York on September 5-7, 2007.)


      ~ Rosalind Peterson ~


Today, we celebrate the life of our beloved friend, Rosalind Peterson (2-4-18).

A tireless warrior in the fight against injustices, Rosalind battled on many fronts to ensure we, and our planet, were not abused.  Through her ingrained sense of diligence, commitment, courage and caring, not only for those with no voice, but for colleagues and friends, we learned the true meaning of activism.

She founded California Skywatch in 2002, when she began researching atmospheric testing and weather modification programs. Rosalind was the California President and Co-Founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition (ADC), an organization formed in 2006, to protect agriculture from the wide variety of those experimental weather modification and atmospheric testing programs as well as document the history and dangers of…

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Eerste Opiniepeilingen van de Straat Verkiezingen Amsterdam: Stem v.d. Straat gaat een schok veroorzaken.

Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam-Noir

(van onze Stem v.d. Straat partij redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Volgens de corrupte Opiniepeiler en tot voorwaardelijk celstraf en schadevergoeding van 120.000, euro voor grove Smaad en Laster veroordeelde Maurice de Hond in de ‘NSB-Telegraaf ‘ gaat Uber van de Top VVD-er en ‘Graaier en Naaier Nellie Koers’ met hun ‘Boy-Baudet’ van het forum van(geen) Democratie en geen werk voor Taxichauffeurs in Amsterdam drie zetels halen. En wordt de Stem van de Straat niet eens vermeld op zijn lijst. Het ligt dan ook voor de hand dat Uber net al het Forum voor democratie ook Maurice de Hond stiekem sponsort en daarom in zijn ‘Nep en Fop peilingen’ de Uber&Telegraaf Forum vertegenwoordiger in Amsterdam  ‘McDonald-Annabel Nanninga’ hoog scoren. Hoe het ook zij, bij het enige betrouwbare en niet corrupte Opiniepanel de Stem van de straat komt tot een heel andere uitslag, namelijk dat de Stem van de  Straat nu al op…

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Galactic Connection

Published on 21 Sep 2017

URGENT: A Compelling Message from Prime Creator, Love #5, Sector of Creation on September 21, 2017 ~This video has multiple healing frequencies from the love lineage, including Prime Creator, Love, Jesus, Sananda, Ashtar, Alcyone #1, Alcyone #3, and Alcyone #5, etc. ~You will receive healing every single time you play this video. ~Listening to this once will take ten days to process. ~It will continue to peel away the layers of density for all who listen. Alexandra: Good afternoon PC. I understand that this is your final message to the world in this virtual reality I should say. I would like to start out with that this is a very important and significant time for all of humanity. One of the greatest misunderstandings is how we got into this circumstance to begin with; of living a life of disharmony, brutality, war, unhappiness and bloodshed. So I would like you to provide a summarization of where you feel the history of our circumstances began. PC: I would love to Alexandra. Alexandra: Awesome! PC: Where do I begin with this subject matter? So many things have transpired. It has been such a long road. So many complicated things have occurred that are intertwined and intertangled with all things, with all of us, including the Love Lineage, all of our creations, and all of our children. It seems there was a miscommunication long ago between the Love Lineage and another lineage of beings regarding the subject of what could be taught and what could be not. This other lineage came out of no where, requesting our assistance to learn from us. Little was known about them. There was an understanding that these beings who were not from the Love Lineage desperately wanted to learn and experience the things those from Love could teach them. We were hounded and prodded frankly, even bullied until we caved in to agree to teach these beings some of the things we know. This was to be done within the strictest of rules and parameters. To our dismay, this initiated a chain of events that caused the literal destruction of some of our lineage, which I am unwilling to go into. The magnitude of its effects and the details of what has been done to us will not be revealed here today, for the horror would blow your minds and only cause unnecessary sadness and broken-hardheartedness. These horrific and unspeakable things happened as a result of our lineage agreeing to teach these other beings under duress. Understand that when we agree to teach various lineages, we will typically tour their home world to see how we can assist them. There must always be a beneficial exchange for the greater good of The All. When we toured this particular lineage’s home, we saw very old and outdated technologies which conflicted with reports of technologies that they had already actually created. It was determined that something was not adding up and we felt uneasy with the agreement to teach them. We reviewed the benefits of what would unfold millions of years into the future and received a strong message not to do the exchange with these beings. We then conveyed that we did not see this as an optimal exchange of learning, ending all possible trading with these beings. Our findings actually revealed more devastation than was originally seen. What we didn’t know is that they had deceived us through their presentation of what they truly desired from the Love Lineage. Read the rest of the Q&A at http://galacticconnection.com/just-re… FREE YOURSELF FROM QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT Essences http://galacticconnection.com/free-yo… EGYPTIAN OILS http://galacticconnection.com/customi…