Thoughts to Ponder from The Urantia Book

A Thought to Ponder from The Urantia Book

“And did I not even send you out to teach, two and two, that you might not become lonely and fall into the mischief and miseries of isolation?…Trust, therefore, and confide in one another.”

Jesus, (2055.2) 193:3.2

The Urantia Book
Paper 193
Final Appearances and Ascension


3 gedachtes over “Thoughts to Ponder from The Urantia Book

  1. “Neither science, philosophy, nor theology can validate the personality of God. Only the personal experience of the faith sons of the heavenly Father can effect the actual spiritual realization of the personality of God.”

    (31.5) 1:7.5

  2. Published on 14 Jul 2016

    -USE CODE “LEAKPROJECT” For 10% discount @
    Mr Clark uncovers a plethora of topics in this discussion. “The book that will forever change our ideas about the Bible” by Mauro Biglino an ex-vatican publisher and translator. Summerian Tablets, Enuma Elish, The Epic of Gilgamesh, Secret book of John & other ancient texts are discussed. Also Gerald busts out the Master Scroll, connecting many of the ancient deities from around the world to specific Anunnaki lines. This show is a must watch, for anyone looking at alternatives to the Abrahamic Creation Story.
    To find “The Book that will forever change our ideas on the Bible” goto the website below, the Author is Maruo Biglino

  3. Illuminati Summer Rituals: Bohemian Grove 2016 Exposed

    THE Great Deception of Man’s History

    Part 1-4 : Illuminati, NWO, Angels, Nephilim, Nimrod, Sumeria

    Published on 14 Jul 2016

    I’ll append the rest as I have time to work on it but this covers almost everything you need to know except for mind control (MK-ULTRA), military-orchestrated gang stalking, COINTELPRO, Project Pandora, etc. These sections cover most of what people who are still disbelievers need to know about our fake history presented to us by an elite ruling class who do worship Lucifer and fallen angels, how it got started, how “Atlantis” (pre-Egypt) was buried and later incorporated into the belief system, then after the Flood brought back into the world through polytheism.

    It is the End Times and we’re all on borrowed time. There may even come a time soon when the Internet is shut down for “national security” reasons and martial law because of war, mass terrorism, or any number of false flag psyops, so I’m trying to help those people who don’t really believe any of these things are happening right under their noses.

    We do have a decision to make, as I keep saying to run to Jesus, because the demonologists of the world have let the fallen angel spirits, “orb UFO’s” to some, back out into the world from their prison in the earth — believe it or don’t — and they, along with their Illuminati/OTO/NWO worshippers, sun worshippers, Satanists and many others who don’t believe they’re following an improper path against God (whatever name you like) , are being placed back into their prison called the Lake of Fire in the Bible. Listen or don’t. Give your heart and mind to Jesus (Yeshua) or fall with the fallen.

    People should know these things so they can make this decision before there’s no longer an option to. I figure most who watch my material, at least the whole thing, are already on board with the Lord, so I’m preaching to the choir as they say, but if I help at least one person then this was worth it to put time into. Help a friend.

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